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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

What happens if I am sued for something I did as a VA physician?

Speaker 1: If you’re a VA physician employed by the Veteran’s Administration, then you are covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act. This means you yourself have immunity from suit and the government is required to answer any lawsuits. You cannot personably be sued for any tort you commit or any negligence you commit or it’s alleged that you have committed. So the United States attorney will come into court and answer such lawsuits and will defend you, not individually, but as the United States. If you’re a contractor with the VA, it depends. It depends on what your contract says and you may not be covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act. It might be advisable in those circumstances if you’re just a contractor physician with the VA, to carry your own insurance. Be sure you know what your contract provides and whether the VA will cover you with its sovereign immunity or not.