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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

I am a registered nurse. I have received a letter from the Florida Department of Health (DOH) advising me that a complaint has been filed against my license. What should I do?

Speaker 1: Any complaint in Florida is initiated by a simple letter from the Florida Department of Health. That would be against any licensed health professional, whether’ that be a registered nurse, a medical doctor, a psychologist, or any other licensed healthcare professional. This is a serious matter, it’s a complaint against your license, and should be treated seriously. In Florida, you are under no obligation to respond to it, to talk to the investigator, to make a statement, or to provide your resume, which is usually required or requested in the letter. You should immediately contact an experienced healthcare lawyer that represents physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in such investigations, and take that person’s advice.