Central Florida Medical Student Shot While Saving Woman in New Orleans

Monday, December 14, 2015
By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

On Friday, November 20, 2015, during the early morning hours in New Orleans (my home town), a Tulane University (my alma mater) medical student from Longwood, Florida, Peter Gold, was shot in the stomach as he attempted to assist a woman who was being assaulted in a botched robbery.  Officials say video footage shows the armed attacker attempting to shoot Gold a second time, aiming for the head.  The culprit, Euric Cain, who gave a full confession to the shooting, was unable to shoot again when the gun miraculously jammed.  It was reported by a Tulane University spokesperson on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, that Gold was released from the hospital where he had remained for several days following the shooting in "guarded" condition.  

Gold's family and friends from back home in his native Longwood, Florida, aren't at all surprised by his bravery, lauding him as a hero.  Accordingly, a billboard outside the Tic Toc Cafe in Metairie, Louisiana, displayed the following message: "You saved a woman's life without using a stethoscope.  You're gonna be a great doctor!  Get well soon!"  

For more details on this story as reported by News 13, and to read a statement released by Tulane University President Mike Fitts, click here
A Family of Doctors: It's in Gold's Genes.  

Gold isn't the only one in his family who values helping others.  His dad, uncle and grandfather all went to school to practice medicine as well.  Not only has Gold chosen to continue his family's legacy of doctors, but he chose to attend his father's alma mater to gain the education and knowledge necessary to do so.  Tulane University is the college Gold's mom attended as well, and that is where she met Gold's dad.  

Gold was chosen as an undergrad for the Creative Scholars program, which guaranteed him a spot at Tulane's graduate medical school.  Even with tackling a rigorous course load, Gold finds time for extracurriculars.  He is a "frat brother" among the Jewish fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, and he's also an avid golfer like his father.  

Gold's success and heroics are not at all surprising if you look to his grandfather.  Gold's dad, Robert Gold, reported to The Orlando Medical News, that Gold's grandfather is an infectious disease specialist "who was prominent in antibiotic development and the rubella vaccine." 

How's that for a truly "Gold-en" family?

Tragedy Can Strike Even Our Finest: Closing Thoughts.

Tulane University has one of the finest medical schools in the nation.  Many Florida students go to Tulane.  It's tragic when something like this happens to anyone, especially a person who has chosen a career saving others.  

My thoughts and prayers go out to Peter and his family. 

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