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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Education Law

Professor Defense Representation, Teacher Defense Representation, Clinical Instructor Defense, Clinical Professor Defense, Educator Defense, Representation of Medical Students, Interns, Residents and Applicants, and Representation Before Credentials Committees

The Health Law Firm and its attorneys represent professors, school teachers, administrators, medical students, interns, residents and fellows in disciplinary proceedings, academic hearings, grievances, and litigation.

Teacher and Professor Representation

The Health Law Firm and its attorneys represent school teachers, professors and administrators in disciplinary proceedings, grievances, school board hearings and state Department of Education proceedings. We routinely represent individuals in state administrative hearings against various state agencies, including county school boards and the Department of Education. We have represented a number of teachers in contract disputes, disciplinary investigations, employment hearings, teaching certification hearings, administrative hearings and school board hearings, at the state level and at the county school board level, as well as in civil litigation. We have also sued both state and private schools on behalf of school teachers who were wrongfully terminated.

Insurance Covering Education Professionals

If you have insurance through your professional association or union, it may include coverage of your legal fees and expenses if your employment is terminated, charges are filed against you, or a disciplinary action is commenced against you or your teaching certificate. Insurance such as you may have through the Association of American Educators, Union Plus, Proliability, or the National Education Association, usually provides such benefits. If you have this coverage, we may be able to have your insurer pay your legal fees.

Medical Students, Health Professional Students and Medical School Applicants

We have successfully represented medical school students in disciplinary actions, allegations of impairment and addiction, allegations of sexual harassment and academic hearings.  We have represented a number of college and university students in student conduct hearings regarding Title VII cases and other types of alleged misconduct and have prepared and won appeals on them.  We have also successfully represented students attempting to be admitted to medical school who are wrongfully denied for various reasons.  In one case, a student who was a whistle blower found himself being the subject of retaliation by a medical school professor for whom he had worked in college.  We were successful in countering the retaliation of the medical school professor and having the student admitted to the medical school of his choice.

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USMLE, and Medical Specialty Board Representation

We also represent students, residents, interns, fellows and graduates in hearings involving the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USMLE, Medical Specialty Board Representation and testing disputes.  This includes defending against charges of “irregular behavior” and violating examination procedures, inconsistent behavior, falsification of applications and related matters.

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