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CONTRACTS: Forum-Selection Clause—Enforcing by 28 U.S.C. § 1404(a) Motion to Transfer Venue

Our guest author of this is article is Charlene Hicks, a legal research attorney with National Legal Research Group in Charlottesville, Virginia. Forum-selection clauses are commonly used in contracts to specify the location in which the parties agree to resolve any disputes that may arise between them. These clauses are important to businesses that wish to establish predictability and potential cost-savings in future litigation. Even so, until recently a split existed amongst the various federa...

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Contracting 101: Tips for Physicians and Health Professionals-Part 12

By Christopher E. Brown, J.D., The Health Law Firm and George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law Tip 28-Verify That the Relationship Between the Physician and the Employer is Legal. Our contracting blog series was created to identify and explain the different provisions of a physician's employment or independent contractor agreement. However, sometimes it's necessary to look beyond the written language of the contract and determine if the very re...

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Texas Medicaid Settlement Raises Questions Among Health Care Providers

By Lenis L. Archer, J.D., M.P.H., The Health Law Firm and George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law On March 17, 2014, Carousel Pediatrics in Austin, Texas, agreed to pay the state a $3.75 million settlement, after an investigation by the Texas Health and Humans Services Commission Office of Inspector General OIG allegedly found a number of billing errors. According to a press release, the Texas OIG alleged the pediatric office charged for higher...

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4/8/2014 Comments(0)

CMS Revises Emergency Preparedness Checklist

By Lenis L. Archer, J.D., M.P.H., The Health Law Firm On February 28, 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS issued its revised emergency preparedness checklist for health care facility planning. Updates to the checklist provide more detailed guidance about patient and resident tracking, supply management, and collaboration with local emergency management agencies and health care coalitions. According to the Survey and Certification Memorandum, the information is current policy...

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Lost Thumb Drive at Arnold Palmer Medical Center Contains Information on 586 Child Patients

By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law An unencrypted flash drive containing limited information of 586 children treated at Orlando Health's Arnold Palmer Medical Center between 2009 and 2013, was misplaced, according to the hospital. The lost drive is being treated as a data security breach. However, there is no evidence that any of the information on the flash drive was accessed or used by any unauthorized individual. As a precaution, on ...

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New National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) Guidebook to be Available Soon

By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law When faced with an issue or question about the National Practitioner Data Bank NPDB , most health care practitioners rely on the Data Bank Guidebook. Since September 2001, this Guidebook has been a reliable source to turn to for answers regarding reporting to and querying the NPDB. However, after twelve years, a new Guidebook will soon be released. In November 2013, the Health Resources and Services Ad...

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Massachusetts Physicians Who Don't Meet Meaningful Use EHR Criteria Could Lose Their Medical Licenses in 2015

Michael L. Smith, R.R.T., J.D., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law Effective January 2015, Massachusetts physicians who wish to renew their licenses must demonstrate that they utilize electronic health records EHRs that meet the requirements of the federal government's meaningful use program. The purpose of the law was to improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients by Massachusetts doctors while reducing costs. However, the law had unintended consequences. It is estimate...

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Equitable Tolling May Not Be Used To Save Late Hearing Request When It Could Have Been Easily Submitted on Time

The foregoing case summary was prepared by and appeared in DOAH case notes of the Administrative Law Section newsletter FACTS: The Department of Financial Services DFS resolves disputes over the costs of medical care provided to workers’ compensation claimants. On April 8, 2013, Florists Mutual Ins. Co. Florists receive notice of DFS’s determination that Florists owed $100,894.54 to the Kendall Regional Medical Center. The notice advised that a request for an administrative hearing h...

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More Than 168,000 Patients' Information Stolen in Los Angeles County Computer Theft

By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law Around 168,500 patients of Los Angeles County medical facilities are receiving letters that their personal data was stolen. According to the Los Angeles Times, on February 5, 2014, an office of Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, which handles billing and collections for the county's Department of Health Services and Department of Public Health, was burglarized and computer equipment stolen. Click here to...

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Professional Board Is Not Allowed to Ask About Misconduct Not Charged in Administrative Complaint at Informal Hearing

The foregoing case summary was prepared by Mary F. Smallwood, Esquire, of The Administrative Law Section of The Florida Bar. The Department of Health DOH filed an administrative complaint against Gonzalez, a licensed chiropractor, for alleged statutory and rule violations. The alleged violations involved recordkeeping practices and failure to provide records to a patient upon request. Gonzalez elected to have an informal hearing and did not dispute the findings of fact in the administrat...

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