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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

What is the corporate practice of dentistry and what does it prohibit?

  • Speaker 1: The corporate practice of dentistry means that a dentist is working for a corporation or other business entity that is controlled by non-dentists. There’s a prohibition in Florida and most other states against this. In Florida, there’s a specific act that makes it a felony for a dentist to work for any corporation or limited liability company, or any other entity that is not owned or operated by a Florida-licensed dentist. Dentists must be very careful and concerned about what types of organizations they work for, and make sure that they work for only those that are legal in the state of Florida.
    There are out-of-state dentists that come in sometimes and try to buy practices, or operate practices, not knowing what our state’s laws are. It is up to you to know what our state’s laws are. Consult an experienced health law attorney on this issue if you have any questions.