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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Who The Health Law Firm Represents

The Health Law Firm Represents Healthcare Providers, Health Professionals and Health Facilities.

The attorneys of The Health Law Firm represent health professionals and health facilities in many different areas.  These include business and transactional matters, litigation (state court, federal court and administrative hearings) and many other matters.  See our Areas of Practice page.


The types of health professionals we represent include:


Acupuncturist Physicians (APs & DOMs)

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners (APRNs)

Athletic Trainers


Behavior Analysts (BAs)

Behavior Therapists

Board Certification Applicants

Certified Addictions Counselors (CACs)

Certified Addictions Professionals (CAPs)

Certified Behavior Analysts (CBAs)

Certified Behavior Analyst Assistants (CBAA)

Certified Behavior Therapists (CBTs)

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs)

Chiropractic Physicians, Chiropractors (DCs)

Clinical Laboratory Personnel

Clinical Investigation Assistants

Clinical Investigators

Clinical Professors

Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs)

Clinical Social Work Interns (CSWI)

Dental Assistants

Dental Hygienists (DHs)

Dentists (DDSs & DMDs)

Dieticians (RDs)

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs)

Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs)

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DMEs)

ECFMG Applicants

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

Fellowship Physicians, Fellows

Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs)

Foreign Pharmacy Graduates (FPGs)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Participants

Health Care Professionals

Hearing Aid Specialists

Home Health Aides

International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs)

Licensed Mental Health Cousnelors (LMHCs)

Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)

Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFTs)

Massage Therapists (LMTs)

Medical Doctors (MDs)

Medical Interns

Medical Physicists

Medical Students

Mental Health Counselors (MHCs)

Mental Health Counselor Interns (RMHCI)

Nurses (RNs & LPNs)

Nursing Educators

Nursing Home Administrators (NHAs)

Nutrition Counselors


Occupational Therapists (OTs)


Optometrists (ODs)

Orthotists & Prosthetists

Osteopathic Physicians (DOs)




Physical Therapists (PTs)

Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs)


Physician Assistants (PAs)

Podiatric Physicians, Podiatrists (DPMs)

Principal Investigators

Professional Counselors (LPCs)

Program Directors, Residency Programs


Radiologic Technologists (RTs)

Registered Dieticians

Registered Clinical Social Work Interns (RCSWI)

Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns (RMHCI)

Research Assistants

Resident Physicians


Residency Program Directors

Respiratory Therapists (RRTs)

School Counselors

School Psychologists

Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists (SLPA)

USMLE Applicants



The types of health facilities we represent include:


Adult Day Care Centers (ADCCs)

Adult Family Care Homes (AFCHs)

Ambulance Service Providers

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs)

Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)

Behavior Therapy Centers

Birthing Centers

Clinical Investigations

Clinical Laboratories

Commercial HMOs/PHCs/EPOs

Compounding Pharmacies

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORFs)

Crisis Stabilization Units & Short Term Residential Treatment Facilities

Diagnostic Imaging Services (DISs)

Dialysis Centers

Drug-Free Workplace Laboratories

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Manufacturers

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DMES)

Employer-Owned Clinics 

Extended Congregate Care (ECC) Facilities

Group Homes

Group Homes for the Developmentally Disabled (GH/DD)

Health Care Clinics (HCCs)

Health Care Clinic Establishments (HCCEs)

Health Care Services Pool

Health Flex Plan Program

Homes for Special Services (HHSs)

Home Health Agencies (HHAs)

Homemaker & Companion Services Providers

Homemaker Companions (HMEs)

Home Medical Equipment Providers



Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)

Indian Health Service (IHS) Physicians & Professionals

Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled Persons (ICFDD)

Intervenal (IV) Infusion Therapy Facilities


Long Term Care Facilities (LTCs)

Management Service Organizations (MSOs)

Massage Establishments

Medicaid HMOs

Medicaid Providers

Medical Groups

Medical Clinics

Medical Transportation Companies

Medicare Providers

Military Physicians & Health Professionals

Mobile Diagnostic Testing Companies

Multiphasic Health Testing Centers (MHTCs)

Nurse Registries

Nursing Homes

Organ, Tissue & Eye Procurement Organizations

Pain Management Clinics (PMCs)

Pain Management Companies

Partial Hospitalization Program

Pharmaceutical Distributors


Portable X-ray Providers

Pre-Paid Clinics

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECs)

Public Health Service (PHS) Physicians & Professionals

Radiology Facilities

Rehabilitation Agencies

Residential Treatment Centers for Children & Adolescents

Residential Treatment Facilities

Risk Management & Patient Safety

Rural Health Clinics

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Specialty Hospitals

Urgent Care Clinics

Veterans Administration (VA) Physicians & Professionals

Walk-In Clinics

And others



The Health Law Firm also represents:


Applicants for Certification

Applicants for Licenses & Permits

Businesses & Corporations dealing with health providers

Dental Groups

Diabetic Supply Companies

Employer Health Plans

Health Care Business Lenders

Health Care Financing Institutions

Health Care Investors

Health Insurers

Independent Provider Associations (IPAs)

Individuals seeking to create a health care facility or provider

Multi-Specialty Practices

And others