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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Can a Medicare provider have its Medicare number revoked if mail from a Medicare carrier (such as First Coast service Options, Inc. or Palmetto GMA) is returned.

  • Speaker 1: Yes, it can. A Medicare provider is required, by law, to keep all of its addresses on file with the Medicare program up to date, constantly. There are several different addresses you have to be concerned about. One is your administrative address. Two is the address to which payments are made. And three is the actual physical address of the business, so unless you keep all of these up to date on a regular basis, then Medicare has the right to revoke or terminate your billing numbers, and it happens quite often, if mail is sent to you, and it is returned by the post office, even if your office is only closed on a temporary basis, as in a hurricane or a natural emergency. Then, you have to make arrangements and make immediate changes to your address with Medicare, in order to prevent further administrative action.