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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health


Warning: These are actual statements from our actual clients. However, every case is different and prior results may not be the same as in your case. No guarantees of outcomes can be made. Hiring a lawyer is an important decision which should not be based on advertising or testimonials alone. Please contact us for additional information on our attorneys and our firm before making your decision.


See what people are saying about us.

“If I can give lawyer Indest and The Health Law Firm a trillion stars, I would be a NASA astronaut and fly to the galaxies to get Him those stars. I was criminally accused by the Department of Health. The charges were so serious that they could jeopardize my nursing career, future and family without any doubt. Lawyer Indest graciously accepted my case and worked relentlessly to get my case dismissed. Yes, he got the case dismissed!!! He is incredibly experienced and has deep knowledge of health law. He tackled my case aggressively with all his legal acumen until we won!! His Team were very responsive every time to all my questions and kept me updated all the time with the status of my case. I got a great value for my money. I can’t say or thank Him and The Health Law Firm enough for what he did for me. Forever, I will remain indebted of gratitude to them. Thank you lawyer Indest and The Health Law Firm…”

                                                                                                  – A Registered Nurse

“I am grateful for Mr. Indest’s assistance and could have written pages regarding his kindness and help in my matter….”

                                                                                                  – A licensed healthcare professional

“I am so grateful for everything you’re firm has done for me since day one and nothing can re-pay what you have done for me. The cost for a lawyer itself does not equate to having my license clear from such a shocking situation. The fear of not being able to provide for my family no longer exists and that is thanks to you. . . . “

                                                                                                  – M.V., licensed healthcare professional

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful work on this Amanda and George. . . . This is just fantastic! I can’t overstate how delighted I am with the results. . . .”

                                                                                                  – A Medical Doctor or M.D.

“Thank you so very much for all your help in this matter. It is greatly appreciated. . . . We believe you went above and beyond in assisting us.”

“The Health Law Firm played a pivotal role in changing the outcome of my career and life. They conducted themselves in a professional, methodical, and compassionate manner throughout my case. In particular, Mr. Aaggarwal was exemplary from the very first consultation to our final meeting. He has an incredible knack for quickly processing and retaining convoluted details, allowing him to get straight to work on my case and work efficiently throughout, giving me great value for the costs. He cared deeply about my case but also cared about me as a person and recognized the challenges of coping with circumstances that involve an attorney. Mr. Indest was also highly valuable, as his years of experience showed from his deep knowledge and insights of the process. He was also passionate about this case, caring about my outcome as much as I did. Overall, I would highly recommend The Health Law Firm if you want the most comprehensive legal guidance. Even my initial consultation was invaluable in its own right. . “
                                                                                                  -A medical student, [in relation to the successful outcome of a case]


“I recently was represented by The Health Law Firm in a pending case with the state of Florida. Through their efforts my case was dismissed. Whether talking via phone or email, everyone I came in contact with from the firm was professional, thorough and very proficient. I always felt “in the loop” as far as what was going on. As a pharmacist practicing for over 25 years, I have not needed legal services until now. I am very grateful they were representing me when I did need it. The Health Law Firm gave me peace of mind from day one knowing I had excellent legal representation and could remain focused on my job. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any other healthcare professionals. . “
                                                                                                  -A Pharmacist, [in relation to the successful dismissal of Florida DOH case]


“I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of you and your team members and assistance provided to me .This has been a difficult time for me and all of your team has provided the most professional and supportive care towards me and my case. Mr Leider was a great asset at the meeting with Medicaid and advocating for me. “
                                                                                                  -A License Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), [in relation to a successful Medicaid case]


“I will definitely keep you in mind for referrals, as you are clearly the go-to attorney with a wealth of experience. I certainly appreciate your assistance, and if I can ever repay the favor, please call on me to do so.”
                                                                                                  -An Attorney, [in relation to an Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) case alleging irregular behavior]


“I spoke with attorney Lance O. Leider in a phone consultation in late February for a IPN referral. Lance and The Health Law Firm were extremely helpful and your suggestions and overall calming nature was of great assistance to me. I am cleared and my FL license is restored to Clear and Active!! I recommend him to any clients you may have. You’re reassurance was helpful. I was actually able to sleep better after talking to you. I am so glad I chose to call on your firm for guidance. Ms. Jackson who initially answered my call was so pleasant and nonjudgmental. I really felt at ease after contacting your firm. “
                                                                                                  -Registered Nurse


“Attorney Lance Leider was great at educating me and ‘holding my hand’ through the entire Baker Act process. I appreciated Mr. Leider’s professionalism and willingness to walk me through the steps I needed to take. I would definitely recommend The Health Law Firm to anyone who is going through this situation.”
                                                                                                  -Father of son who was under the Baker Act


George F. Indest was selected as one of The Nation’s Top Attorney Fee Experts of 2017. Every year, the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis (NALFA) announces the nation’s top attorney fee experts and legal bill review programs. Attorney fee experts are judicially qualified expert witnesses who provide expert testimony on the reasonableness of attorney fees and expenses in underlying cases. Attorney fee experts are often retained by fee-seeking and fee-challenging parties to prove attorney fees and expenses in court or arbitration. Mr. Indest was selected for “Excellence on Attorney Fee Issues in Florida” by NALFA. Click here to view NALFA’s press release.


“PRN did not provide me much help with my situation and neither did my case manager. For this reason, I decided to call The Health Law Firm. Attorney George Indest III contacted the director of PRN and took away a lot of my anxiety. He always communicated with me about my case and guided me every step of the way. George Indest gave me hope and overall The Health Law Firm was very accommodating and supportive.”
                                                                                                   – A doctor negotiating terms and termination of PRN contract


“I am writing to thank you for everything you did to help me in my case before the Board. I very much appreciated how you immediately responded and took so much time with me on the telephone when I first contacted you.  As a person having no prior experience with legal entanglements, it was very reassuring to talk to someone I knew to be an expert in the type of problems confronting me. Your office staff was always supportive, clear, and thorough in coordinating exchange of documents and scheduling meetings.”
                                                                                                   – M.A., Ph.D
“You not only are an incredible attorney but you are also a very generous person. I hope one day I’ll get an opportunity to meet you to thank you in person but for now please know that I am thankful beyond measure for all that you did. For if it were not for you, the outcome would have not been good.


So from the bottom of my heart, thank you very, very much! Please share this with your staff that worked on the case to let them know how thankful we are.”

                                                                                  – C.G. (father of medical resident)

“[Thank you] for helping me with the claims of ‘disruptive physician’ behavior. Your professionalism and help is greatly appreciated. I will be sure to recommend you to any other physicians in my area should the need arise.”

                                                                     – BJM, M.D., Florida
 “I was accused of ‘irregular behavior’ by the U.S.M.L.E. This was the worst crisis of my life. I contacted The Health Law Firm and received excellent representation, with an attorney who even met with me on a weekend. I felt I received a 110% effort. Thanks to their unwavering support we were able to get all of the charges dismissed and I was cleared.”
                                                                                          – S.D., M.D.

From a family member of a former client:
My son and I had the pleasure of meeting George Indest in 2010. My son was in nursing school and needed his advice. He (Mr. Indest) helped counsel us and even gave us his personal cell phone number in case we needed to contact him. I’ll never forget having to make the call to Mr. Indest to let him know that my son was involved in a car accident and did not survive. I will never forget the kindness Mr. Indest showed to myself, my husband and our family. Not only did he let me know my son could have a military funeral, he purchased all of the medals my son earned while serving in the military and brought them to my home. His actions and genuine caring about our family meant so much to our family in our terrible time of despair. He is a gentleman and a kind compassionate soul, I am forever grateful to have met him, he truly went above and beyond for our family.


From the owner of a Florida-based physical and occupational therapy practice:

Before contacting The Health Law Firm, I had already hired another attorney to handle my Medicare audit case.  It got to a point where my attorney wasn’t making any headway.  I was at the end of my rope.  Looking for advocacy, I contacted The Health Law Firm.  Mr. Indest and Mr. Brown immediately made themselves available to me.  They were always understanding and on top of my case.  The Health Law Firm helped me every step of the way.  Had I not hired them to represent me, I would not have made it successfully through my Medicare audit, and I probably would not have my clinic today.  For that, I am so grateful to Mr. Indest and Mr. Brown.

                                                      – Owner of Central Florida Therapy Associates, LLC

From a client attempting to have family member released from involuntary confinement under the Baker Act:

I want to express my gratitude for representing my wife and mediating her timely release from the hospital. Thank you for your willingness to resolve the issue promptly and to meet with my family the same day. I greatly appreciate your efficient and professional service. You and your staff were very helpful and affable during the process. My family has a sense of peace now and we are so grateful for all of your assistance.

                                                                   – J.W., Florida

From a nurse who was the subject of a DOH investigation:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for representing me in my case, and your effective
skills as my lawyer. You have restored my faith in the legal system. Thank you for all the efforts and
diligence you have put forth and for displaying your experience to get the best possible results for me. Very grateful and a very happy client.
                                                                     – Former Client
From a disabled veteran with a Federal Tort Claim:

Mr. Indest offered patience and an enormous sense of compassion. His competence and intelligence were big factors in my decision to hire Mr. Indest and Ms. Hollis from The Health Law Firm to handle my Federal Tort Claim. The Health Law Firm’s legal team consistently kept me involved and up to date on the progress of my case. Even if it was after normal business hours. Mr. Indest and Ms. Hollis were always immediately available to answer my questions. I witnessed the commitment The Health Law Firm had for achieving satisfactory results in my legal case. In a time when I desperately needed help, Mr. Indest changed a lot in my life. Mr. Indest and his team are my heroes!

                                                                    – R.C., Colorado
From a clinical social worker intern who received a complaint from the Department of Health:

I cannot express my level of gratitude for the representation I received from George Indest and The Health Law Firm. I am so thankful for the work they provided on my behalf. I can’t imagine a better way to begin 2015 than with a dismissal! Thank you for freeing me from the worry of addressing this issue and then allowing me the ability to put this in the past.

                                                                     – H.C., Florida
From a doctor attempting to be released from the PRN Program
When you are going in front of a powerful Board, it is helpful to have an attorney who is very knowledgeable in the field of Health Law to represent you and help protect your rights. I highly recommend The Health Law Firm. I am truly grateful of their service!
                                                                     M.D., Florida