The Title of “Disruptive Physician” Can Ruin Your Professional Career

Friday, February 5, 2016
By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

Nobody likes dealing with a nuisance, and disruptive physicians are no exception. Disruptive physicians threaten the morale of medical staff, the safe and orderly operation of a medical practice, as well as a threat to the safety of patients. They can also become expensive liabilities.

The Behavior That May Cause One to Earn the Title of “Disruptive Physician.”

Anything a physician does that interferes with the orderly conduct of business and patient care can be considered disruptive. Some specific examples of disruptive behavior include:

- Any type of demeaning behavior, such as name-calling. Verbal attacks that are personal, irrelevant to practice operation, and exceed the bounds of professional conduct;
- Profane or disrespectful language, including verbally demeaning, rude or insulting conduct;
- Inappropriate physical conduct, including pushing, shoving, hitting, making obscene gestures or throwing objects;
- Inappropriate comments made in patient medical records or other official documents, or attacking medical staff members, personnel or policies;

-  Comments that undermine a patient’s trust in other care givers of the medical facility, or comments that undermine a care-giver’s self confidence in treating patients;
-  Making sexual or racial jokes;
-  Physically touching another professional or staff member, especially those of the opposite sex;
-  Making sexually suggestive remarks, such as commenting on another person’s body parts;

-  Threatening violence to another;
-  Throwing equipment including medical supplies, charts or other objects; or
- Other disruptive, abusive or unprofessional behavior.

I previously wrote a blog on this topic and how to avoid being labeled a disruptive physician. To read this blog, click here.

What is the Impact and Consequence of Disruptive Behavior?

Disruptive behavior from a physician can lead to major consequences for both the physician and the employer. Lawsuits and liabilities can detract from a safe, cooperative and professional health care environment.

Disruptive behavior can negatively affect the quality of patient care and often disrupts or impedes the daily operations. It often creates an unprofessional or hostile work environment and adversely affects how others do their jobs. The community’s confidence in the facility to provide quality patient care, may be adversely affected.

Earning the title of a disruptive physician may lead to negative action against clinical privileges, action to drop the physician from insurance panels, consequential action by the state medical board or licensing authority, loss of specialty certification, termination of employment contract and other various consequences. To read a previous blog I wrote on a recent case of disruptive behavior by a physician, click here.

Pro Actively Educate Yourself to Avoid Being Labeled a "Disruptive Physician."

It’s wise to review your hospital’s or institution’s policies on disruptive behavior. Arming yourself with the knowledge necessary to avoid such accusations is imperative in protecting your reputation and career.

Always behave in a professional manner as someone can always observe your actions in the office or hospital. Once you have been labeled a disruptive physician, others may be more prone to scrutinizing you for anything you may do wrong. You will make yourself a target for possible false allegations and accusations. The health care industry is a demanding and stressful field. It’s understandable that potential outbursts can occur; but it’s imperative that you control yourself and don’t let them occur.


What are some proactive tactics physicians can take to prevent any outbursts or behavioral conduct that would be deemed as disruptive?

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