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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Professional License Defense

The lawyers at The Health Law Firm routinely provide professional license defense to physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists and other licensed health professionals. This includes representation in investigations, appearances before professional boards and representation in administrative hearings. We frequently consult with criminal defense attorneys regarding defense strategies tailored to minimizing criminal sanctions while at the same time preserving the practitioner’s license. If you receive notice that your professional license is under investigation, contact The Health Law Firm before you speak to an investigator.

We do continue to strongly recommend that every licensed health professional purchase professional liability insurance with coverage for professional licensure defense, despite your employer.

You may think that you are covered for this by your employer, but you are not.  If your employer contradicts this, ask for a statement in writing that your employer will pay for your legal defense for any such matter arising during your employment.What typically happens, especially in the case of a hospital employee, nursing home employee, pharmacy employee or corporate employee, is that the employer is the one who terminates the employee and then files a complaint with the DOH.  The DOH then opens an investigation against the health professional.  The employer is not going to pay your legal defense costs if the employer has reported you. You may very well be out of work, out of money and face an investigation and complaint that could terminate your professional license and career.  You should not take this chance.  Insurance such as HPSO Insurance is inexpensive and reliable.  Buy it while you can afford it. After the actions have occurred, it is too late.