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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Pharmacy Law and DEA Hearings

Pharmacy Law, Pharmacy Cases and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Hearings
The Health Law Firm and its attorneys represent health care providers and facilities, including pharmacists and pharmacies, in a number of different legal matters, including the following:

We represent pharmacies and pharmacists in investigations by the Department of Health, local investigative agencies, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) and the Drug Enforcement administration (DEA)concerning complaints, including allegations of license violations, prescription fraud, and other types of disciplinary infractions. We have represented pharmacies in Medicaid audits and audits by the Florida Department of Health.

We have represented physicians, pharmacists and other licensed health professionals in criminal investigations and in administrative hearings before federal administrative law judges involving the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

We have researched and written detailed legal opinion letters on complex business ventures involving physicians and pharmacists, involving compounding of different medications, on physician dispensing, on marketing pharmacy services to and in-office pharmacies for medical groups, on medical foods, on medical supplements, on insurance payments for different food supplements and medications, and on many related matters.

We have represented physicians with problems in their background in applying for and obtaining a DEA number. We have provided representation to physicians in administrative hearings before the DEA to revoke their DEA numbers.

We have represented physicians in investigations alleging over-prescribing and illegal prescribing of narcotics and other controlled substances.

We have provided legal advice and counseling, including preparation of documents and contracts for pharmacies and individuals owning pharmacies.

We have prepared contracts and other legal documents for physicians, pharmacists and health care facilities on pharmacy issues, including structuring business ventures and compounding medications for patients.

We have represented pharmacists, pharmacy interns and other health care providers in filing Petitions for Waiver or Variance to administrative rules adopted by professional boards. We have represented them in formal and informal administrative hearings regarding disciplinary matters. We have represented them in rule challenges to challenge the legal validity of new rules enacted by the Board of Pharmacy and other professional boards.

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