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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Medical Board Cases

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The attorneys of The Health Law Firm have represented health care professionals in legal situations unique to their profession, for decades.

Being threatened with termination from a medical insurance provider panel? We have done it.

Received notice of an investigation of a patient complaint against you?  We have done it.

Received a request for medical records for a Medicaid audit?  We have done it.

Do you have a notice that you must appear before the Board of Medicine to answer questions about your application for a medical license?  We have done it.

Do you have a demand for repayment of insurance or Medicaid payments you have received?  We have done it.

Whether it is a Department of Health investigation regarding a complaint made by a patient, an audit by Medicaid or by a medical insurance company, or the threat of a medical malpractice case, our attorneys have experience in defending the health care professional.

At the first notice of a possible complaint, audit, or investigation, you should contact us to begin legal representation.  Most medical professional liability (medical malpractice) insurance companies will pay your legal expenses for such legal representation.  Don’t waste this benefit or blow the opportunity to mount an active defense at the earliest opportunity.

In Medicaid audit defense, we have been able to reduce claims for repayment of Medicaid from millions of dollars to a small percentage.

We have also provided legal representation to health care professionals who have charged with being impaired because of drugs, alcohol or mental illness.  We negotiate and provide legal representation for doctors being forced to undergo compelled mental health examinations or referred to the Professionals Resource Network (PRN).

We have sued to dissolve illegally owned medical practices and have structured legal health care management companies which comply in every respect with laws and regulations.

We can represent you in administrative hearings (federal or state) Board of Medicine hearings and civil litigation in state or federal courts.

Our attorneys also provide legal advice on structuring business ventures involving medical practices and doctors, buying and selling medical practices, incorporating medical practices, reviewing and negotiating health care contracts and all aspects of the practice of medicine.  We can provide formal legal opinion letters and assist in conducting due diligence for purchases, mergers, acquisitions and financing of medical practices and related businesses.