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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Independent Legal Counsel and Investigations

Often a hospital, health facility, institution or organization, including a state or federal agency or a not-for-profit corporation, will find itself in need of the services of independent outside counsel.  This may occur, for example, if regulators are investigating the organization or its officers, if the board of directors has concerns regarding management activities, if there are concerns regarding internal compliance issues, if there are allegations of criminal acts against officers, employees or the corporation, if a second opinion is needed concerning advice given by corporate counsel, if independent legal counsel should be retained on behalf of officers or employees, or for a myriad of other reasons.

Outside legal counsel can conduct independent investigations covered by the attorney-client privilege.  Outside counsel can be retained to assist in due diligence investigations or assist in discovery.

Allegations by whistle blowers and qui tam relators may call for services of outside counsel.

Legal opinions regarding the targets of mergers and acquisitions may require the special services of health law attorneys retained independently.

When conflicts of interest arise for the attorneys representing the organization itself, it may be advisable to retain the services of outside counsel to represent officers and key employees.

Proposed business plans and ventures in the highly regulated health care industry may call for review by board certified health law specialists.

The attorneys of The Health Law Firm have experience in all of these areas and more.  Call us if your organization would benefit from the experience and services an independent outside legal counsel could provide.