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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Barter for Legal Services, Payment in Kind and Trading for Legal Services

We realize that some clients are unable to work because of suspensions or other adverse action against them, so The Health Law Firm occasionally accepts barter or payment in kind for legal services.

Additionally, The Health Law Firm is a member of Floridabarter.Com, so we also accept “Barter Bucks” for the services we perform.
We do accept jewelery and other “in kind” items in trade for services.

The types of items that may be used as barter for legal services or payment in kind include but are not limited to: jewelry, automobiles, real estate, coins, guns and firearms, sterling silver and artwork. All items must be owned free and clear by the client and not be subject to any liens, pledges or mortgages.

When you think of the time and expense it took you to get your professional license and the decrease in income you will have in your future years if you lose it, using an old engagement ring, jewelry or second car to pay for your legal services may be the best use for unneeded property to secure your future ability to produce income.

If we do agree to accept an item of property in exchange for legal fees, we will ask the client to obtain and provide us a receipt for the item or an estimate of the current value of the item. In most cases, we will see if one of our staff or someone else we know desires to buy the property for the purchase value. If so, we will then apply the cash paid by the purchaser to the client’s account. Otherwise, if the firm agrees to accept the property directly, we will credit the value to the client’s account. In the latter case, if the firm accepts the bartered item directly, the appropriate document will be prepared and filed with the IRS as this may be a taxable or reportable transaction.

Ask about this option if you do not have cash or credit but do have jewelry or other property of value.

We do not routinely care to do this because of difficulties in obtaining a valuation of the fair market value of the object or objects the client desires to use for payment. If there is no market for the item or property, then it really may have no value. Additionally, we have staff salaries we must pay, utility bills, rent payments, taxes and all the other expenses a small business has to pay to keep functioning; payment in negotiable funds is required in order to do this.



At The Health Law Firm we provide legal services for all health care providers and professionals. This includes physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors, DME suppliers, medical students and interns, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, pain management clinics, nursing homes, and any other health care provider.
The services we provide include reviewing and negotiating contracts, business transactions, professional license defense, representation in investigations, credential defense, representation in peer review and clinical privileges hearings, Medicare and Medicaid audits, opinion letters, commercial litigation, covenants-not-to-compete, restrictive covenant litigation, incorporation, formation of corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs), administrative hearings, Board of Nursing cases, Board of Medicine hearings, Board of Dentistry hearings, USMLE and NBME challenges and defense, pain management and pain medicine physician defense, pain management clinic defense and other matters of Health Law and legal representation of health care professionals.

                                               (Revised 5/12/2014)
This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.