Our attorneys are experienced in lecturing, writing and testifying as an expert witness in legal ethics and attorney’s fees cases. Our attorneys include those who are board certified in areas of legal specialty recognized by The Florida Bar, those who are members of medical professions in addition to being practicing attorneys, and those who are members of the bars of multiple different states.

For example, George F. Indest III has been an attorney for over 27 years. He is the firm’s Managing Partner and President. He has practiced for the federal government, in a large national firm, in smaller Florida firms and as a sole practitioner. Mr. Indest is a member of the bars of Florida, Louisiana, and the District of Columbia as well as being admitted to practice before a over 15 different federal and state courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the Federal Tax Court, and several different federal courts of appeals.

Mr. Indest has been retained as an expert witness in a number of different cases, providing expert analysis, opinions, affidavits, and testimony. A sample of the effectiveness of Mr. Indest’s testimony as an expert witness is demonstrated in the attached Recommended Order for Attorney’s Fees and Costs written by Administrative Law Judge Daniel M. Kilbride, and adopted without significant change by the Florida Commission on Human Relations, Brown v. Capital Circle Hotel Co., Florida DOAH Case No. 04-1591F, Florida Comm’n on Human Relations Case No. 21-02226 (Nov. 23, 2004). Click here to see or download a copy.