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Seven Things To Know When You Receive A Notice Of Investigation From The Department Of Health

Administrative Hearings, Federal Administrative Hearings, Formal and Informal Administrative Hearings, Rule Challenge Hearings, Emergency Suspension Hearings, Revocation Hearings

Administrative Hearings, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearings, Administrative Litigation, Federal Administrative Hearings, Formal Administrative Hearings, Informal Administrative Hearings, Petitions for Waiver, Variance, Exceptions, Rule Challenge Hearings, Emergency Suspension Hearings, Revocation Hearings

The attorneys of The Health Law Firm represent clients in administrative and civil litigation (both state and federal) throughout the state and in other states as permitted by their rules. Our main office is located in the Orlando, Florida area.  Our attorneys are available to provide emergency hearing coverage, administrative hearing representation, emergency board representation (Board of Medicine, Board of Dentistry, Board of Nursing, Board of Osteopathic Medicine, Board of Pharmacy, Board of Psychology, Board of Licensed Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling and other professional boards), as well as the Agency for Health Care Administration, emergency deposition coverage and other litigation coverage on short notice.  Should you need local counsel or just coverage for a hearing or deposition, we are available; contact us.  If after hours and an immediate answer is required, click here.

We routinely appear and represent healthcare providers before the Florida Board of Medicine, Board of Dentistry, Board of Nursing, Board of Osteopathic Medicine, Board of Psychology, Board of Pharmacy, Board of Massage Therapy, Board of Chiropractic Medicine and Board of Licensed Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling.

We represent health providers in Florida Department of Health (DOH) investigations, in licensure investigations in other states, in Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) investigations and hearings, in Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigations and proceedings, in Medicare investigations and administrative hearings and in many other administrative proceedings.

We have also successfully represented clients in many rule challenge proceedings against state agencies, obtaining successful results and requiring the state agency to pay attorney’s fees.

If you are not an attorney and need representation for a final hearing, an administrative proceeding, appearance before a professional board, or other similar representation, you may contact us.  Please be advised that because a great deal of time and effort is expended in preparation before the hearing, attempting to obtain an attorney who will merely appear at the hearing to assist you and do nothing else may not be able to accomplish you the results you seek.  By attempting to save legal fees and costs by waiting until the last minute to hire an attorney, you may be being “penny wise and pound foolish.”  You must realize that any such representation we provide you will be considered to be “limited representation” for the purpose of representing you at the hearing only.

Ordinarily, when representing clients, we spend a vast majority of the time in the case conducting discovery of the other side’s case, obtaining documents, preparing motions, pleadings and other documents to file for the hearing, interviewing potential witnesses, subpoenaing witnesses, conducting depositions, obtaining and preparing the exhibits for the hearing, and otherwise making sure that our client’s case can be properly presented and proven at the hearing.  Often motions can be filed with will resolve important issues prior to or at the hearing.

You must realize that by obtaining an attorney who will merely attend the hearing for you, you may have already compromised your case or waived issues and rights important to your position in the case.  If available, our attorneys may agree to represent you under such circumstances with your understanding of the above and that this will  be considered to be a “limited representation” for the hearing only.

Our attorneys are available for representation on:

  • Administrative hearings (formal and informal)
  • DEA investigations and hearings
  • License revocation hearings
  • Medicare audits, investigations and hearings
  • Medicaid audits, investigations and hearings
  • Emergency suspension orders (ESOs)
  • Emergency hearings
  • Petitions for waiver or variance
  • Rule challenge Petitions
  • Board of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology, Pharmacy and other Professional Board Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Other litigation matters