Nursing Law Manual

The Florida Nursing Law Manual and the forms and information contained in it is for general information and education only. It is not intended to be and does not constitute the provision of legal advice. Every case, every individual, and every set of circumstances is different. You should always consult with your own attorney when making any legal decision. We recommend that you only use an attorney who is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in the Legal Speciality of Health Law and who is experienced in the legal matters at issue. Always check outside legal resources for the latest editions to any statutes, regulations or rules, as these are constantly undergoing revision. Forms are for illustration purposes only. Every form or contract should be specifically modified by an experienced attorney to fit any individual circumstances of the case. People who are not lawyers should not attempt to modify or use these forms for their particular cases. Forms provided are for illustration only and do not constitute the provision of legal advice.

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