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Areas of Practice

Doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other health professionals often face scrutiny from many different sources, including federal and state regulators, medical malpractice trial lawyers and their own hospitals, clinics and colleagues. When faced with this problem, you need someone who is on your side to help fight for your ability to practice your profession.

If you are being accused of providing substandard care, failing to maintain adequate records, overbilling, being a "disruptive physician" or any other claim that calls into question your ability to practice medicine, you could be facing consequences including the following:
  • Loss of your physician, nursing, or other health license
  • Loss of hospital privileges
  • A report to the National Practitioner Data Bank
  • Administrative, regulatory or criminal penalties
  • Federal health care programs exclusion

For assistance in working to prevent any of these consequences, you need a health law attorney with significant administrative law experience. At The Health Law Firm, we are advocates for all health professionals and providers. In our health law practice, we exclusively represent medical practitioners who face challenges to their professional privileges. Below are just some of the legal areas that we routinely practice in order to assist doctors, nurses, dentists, home health agencies, pharmacists, psychologists and other health providers. 

If you need assistance with any of these matters or any other areas of health law, please contact us at (407) 331-6620 or (850) 439-1001.