George Indest's Olsen On Law Appearance

George Indest has appeared on the Olsen On Law radio show, hosted by Attorney Tom Olsen. The following videos are from this interview and discuss legal matters concerning health care providers including Medicaid and Medicare, DOH regulations, audits of a medical practice, malpractice council for physicians, and physician partnerships with hospitals. 

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An Introduction to Health Law

How The Health Law Firm Can Assist You

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Patient Experience and Changing Your Health Care Practice

Health Professionals and Corporations

Understanding the Impact of Medicaid and Medicare on Health Professionals

The Importance of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Counsel for Physicians and Health Professionals

How Often Are Doctors Audited?

Transferring Patient Files to a New Physician

Department of Health (DOH) Regualtions

Hospital Privileges for Doctors