Why You May Be Waiting For Your Florida Medical License

Monday, November 21, 2011
Applying for a Florida medical license? Read this now, so you don't have to wait later.
What are the most common problems that hinder an application for a medical license or other health professional license in Florida?

Still waiting for your
Florida medical license or other health professional license? Here are some reasons why it may be taking so long. According to the Florida Board of Medicine's website on May 17, 2011: NOT BEING COMPLETELY CANDID ABOUT YOUR HISTORY AND EDUCATION is the #1 reason for denial of an application for a full unrestricted license. Failure to disclose a problem will get you in trouble with the Board far more often than the problem itself. Here are some other causes for delay in your application:
  • Actions during postgraduate training
  • Hospital staff privileges with action/termination of employment
  • Action by a specialty board
  • Action by another state regulatory board
  • Misdemeanor or felony convictions
  • Results of the criminal background check
  • Civil judgments/malpractice
  • Medical, physical, mental or chemical dependence impairment/condition within the last five years
  • Lack of active practice
  • Action by DEA
  • Action by the military
  • Applications that require Petition of Waiver/Variance
Do most complete applications get approved?

Yes, most applicants are granted an unrestricted
Florida medical license. Those applicants who are not issued an unrestricted license may have the following occur:
  • Approval with conditions such as a fine, corrected application and new application fee.
  • Approval with condition such as taking or retaking an examination.
The Board may also outright deny the license, or may allow the applicant to withdraw the application.
  1. Mail the application to the correct address.
  2. Keep in mind that any monies have to be processed by the Department vendor. This may take a couple of days.
  3. Identify any variation of names and nicknames.
  4. Once you start the process, submit the application within 30 days so that your supplemental documents, including transcripts, will have an application file to go to.
  5. Have the correct address on the application for training programs and hospitals.
  6. Send in necessary back up documents in a timely manner.
  7. Follow up with sources that are sending the Board of Medicine your documents.
  8. Watch for letters or e-mail from your reviewer. This is how we tell you what else is needed for your application to be complete.
  9. If asked for follow-up information from the Board, please read the request carefully to identify exactly what is needed to make your application complete.
  10. Answer questions honestly and provide an explanation where appropriate.
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