Just What the Doctor Ordered: More Medicaid Reimbursements May Be On the Way For Florida Physicians

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
By Lance Leider, J.D., The Health Law Firm

Taking Medicaid patients can be seen as a professional obligation for health care providers. In return, good deeds should not bankrupt a practice. There could soon be a resolution to a class-action lawsuit against Florida health and child-welfare officials that would adequately compensate physicians for treating children of poor families.

According to the Miami Herald, the lawsuit was initially filed in 2005 by a group of pediatricians, dentists and nine children, against the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Florida Department of Health (DOH). The lawsuit claims that Florida violated federal law by providing inadequate Medicaid services to children and that their care had been hindered by low Medicaid payments to doctors. A final ruling by a federal judge is expected in October 2014.

Allegations Against the State in Lawsuit.

During the trial plaintiffs argued that the state failed to comply with federal requirements that mandate children that have Medicaid receive certain levels of medical and dental services. The plaintiffs request a U.S. Circuit Judge to rule that reimbursements to physicians be set at levels that would prompt more doctors to care for children on Medicaid. If the ruling is in favor of the plaintiffs, Florida will have to come up with around $227 million a year to permanently increase Medicaid payment rates to pediatricians and dentists.

Florida's Medicaid Reimbursements by the Numbers.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid payments to primary care doctors, including pediatricians and dentists, were increased for two years nationwide. However, this does not come close to achieving parity with federal Medicare levels for similar services.

Many Florida doctors have reduced their Medicaid patient case load to less than 10 percent, due to low payments, among other factors. Doctors even report operating at a loss when they treat patients under Medicaid. According to the Miami Herald, Florida was one of 13 states that ranked worst in the nation for access to and affordability of health care. To read the Miami Herald article, click here.

Why So Many Physicians Are Reluctant to Take Medicaid Patients.

Florida doctors argue that low Medicaid reimbursement rates are just one of many issues keeping Medicaid patients from adequate access to health and dental care.

Others complain that it takes an unacceptably long time to get reimbursements back from Medicaid. To add insult to injury, the amount of complex paperwork office staff is forced to fill out is also increasing. Health care professionals also report that Medicaid patients often require more time and attention than the average patient. Physicians feel that the social and behavioral needs of these patients require a disproportionate share of their time and that of their support staff.

The catch 22: Health care professionals must be willing to see Medicaid patients, and the government needs to recognize the program in order to make treating Medicaid patients worth a physicians' time.

Be sure to check this blog regularly for the ruling on the class-action lawsuit.


Have you decreased your Medicaid patient load lately? If so, what is your reason for doing this? Please leave any thoughtful comments below.

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