Doctors Blacklisted by CVS Seeking Legal Action

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back in November, some Florida doctors received an unsigned letter from CVS/pharmacy telling them that the company's pharmacists would no longer fill prescriptions they write for painkillers and other powerful drugs.

Community members against pill mills and overprescribing doctors are thrilled with the actions taken by CVS. The company is being praised for taking proactive steps at a time when prescription drug abuse has become out of control in Florida.

However, the letter has also been called a "blacklist" and has been criticized as discriminatory. Now, at least one Orlando doctor is trying to fight back with legal action, claiming that CVS has basically called him a criminal, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

CVS has refused to answer any specific questions about why or how it compiled the list, which includes at least 22 physicians from Central Florida. The company also won't say how many doctors statewide were notified that their prescriptions would no longer be filled. The spreadsheet of doctors is titled "CVS-DEA: Florida High Prescribers," but the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said the agency didn't have anything to do with the pharmacy's list.

The defamation suit against CVS claims that by telling pharmacists not to fill certain doctors' prescriptions, the company is falsely implying that the physician is acting illegally. Critics of CVS also claim that the company is not only blacklisting doctors, but is also causing harm to many pain patients who truly need pain medication.

The Florida Department of Health has recommended several of the doctors on the CVS list have their medical licenses suspended or revoked because of improper practices.

CVS decided to refuse filling prescription from certain doctors after Florida's reputation as a pill mill state continued to increase. Prescription drug abusers have come to Florida for years due to a lack of legislation and regulation of pain clinics. In 2010, 90 of the top 100 oxycodone purchasing doctors in the United States were from Florida.

Law enforcement responded to the epidemic by targeting individuals or groups who bought hundreds of pills at pain clinics and the doctors who supply to them. Lawmakers enacted legislation last year that toughens penalties against doctors and banned most physicians from dispensing painkillers from their offices.

However, the actions of CVS mark the first time a major pharmacy chain has become involved in the enforcement process.

If you think you have been targeted by CVS or law enforcement, please call our office at (407) 331-6620 or (850) 439-1001 to speak to an attorney. For more information visit our website at


Response to: Doctors Blacklisted by CVS Seeking Legal Action
Saturday, February 23, 2013
kate says:

DEA lies. I called them 3 times and was given the run around and lied to., I had given them my name and pharmacy name and was complaining because I couldnt fill my prescriptipn.(my doc is not on list) On 3 rd call they gave me my doctors name and said they would close him down if I didnt shut up and stop calling. This means somehow from the info I gave them they went to the trouble to find my doctors name just to try and scare me for voicing my opinion. DEA are liers. We cant trust these facist pigs anymore

Response to: Doctors Blacklisted by CVS Seeking Legal Action
Saturday, February 23, 2013
kate says:

I just wrote you about DEA. Five pharmacist told me they did not want to fill shedual II drugs because they were atraído of DEA. When I said I calles DEA and was told the pharmacist were lying and the DEA dais they had nothing to do with it, everyone of them shut down except to get my assurance that I hadnt named their pharmacy to DEA

Response to: Doctors Blacklisted by CVS Seeking Legal Action
Thursday, August 22, 2013

MY Pain management Doctor, I have a broken neck, has been informing me for years that he cannot prescribe the medicines that I need, because some clerk in my insurance claims office will not approve them! MY medical care is being managed by a secretaty!

Response to: Doctors Blacklisted by CVS Seeking Legal Action
Friday, January 23, 2015
Mary Lewis Chacon says:

I am on a patient assistance program but I can not use it because of these blacklist. Working people will not get medical for two years when you become disabled. We are stuck using clinics and program. This blacklist is only against good doctors pharmacies are filling stolen prescription for drug dealer and telling patients that they are druggies. I can not turn in where Walgreens filled from a stolen prescription pad. DEA would not listen. Why not let the doctors fill for their patients at least it would be more accurate.

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