Central Florida Pharmacy Accused of Causing Eye Infection Outbreak

Friday, May 4, 2012

According to media reports, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has traced a rare fungal infection to a Central Florida pharmacy. As reported, Franck's Compounding Lab, located in Ocala, Florida, is believed to be at least partially responsible for spreading a rare fungal eye infection to over 30 patients across the U.S.

The CDC reports that eye drops and injections traced back to the lab caused the infections. These ophthalmic products contained multiple fungal and bacterial species, according to the CDC. The products have now been recalled, but were in use for over a year before the recall. The CDC has also issued a warning to avoid any product labeled sterile from Franck's. CDC Warning.

The patients impacted by the contaminated products had all undergone some type of eye procedure in which the Franck's products were used. 23 patients have allegedly suffered some vision loss as a result of the infection.

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) has stated that it cannot divulge if Franck's or any other pharmacy is being investigated at this time. If the pharmacy is believed to pose an immediate threat to patient safety, the DOH could issue an emergency suspension order (ESO) to immediately suspend the pharmacy's license.

Franck's has released a statement saying that the pharmacy is fully cooperating with the DOH and FDA. Franck's says it is currently cooperating to conduct product recalls and will assist in post-recall inspections to prevent future occurrences.

This is not the first time that this Florida pharmacy has made headlines. In 2009, the pharmacy was blamed for the deaths of over twenty polo horses in south Florida. This was also allegedly caused by a contaminated compound. Because of this case, the FDA tried to stop Franck's from compounding veterinary products.

However, Franck's won in U.S. District Court when United States v. Franck’s Lab, Inc. was decided in December 2011. In this case, the federal court ruled that the FDA does not have the authority to regulate the practice of pharmacists compounding veterinary prescriptions from bulk substances. The decision in favor of Franck's can be found here.

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