The Health Law Firm Attorneys Obtain Recommendation for Dismissal of Charges Against Florida Teacher

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Attorneys George F. Indest III, Carole Schriefer and Ritisha Chhaganlal, with The Health Law Firm, succeeded in obtaining a decision and recommendation from an administrative law judge for the dismissal of all charges against a Florida high school teacher and coach.

In November 2011, the teacher received an Administrative Complaint charging him with violating Florida Administrative Code Rules that apply to teaching professionals. The teacher was charged with "failure to make reasonable effort to protect students from conditions harmful to learning or to students' mental or physical health or safety" and "intentional exposure of students to unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement." A trial (final hearing) was held in Orlando in April 2015.
No explanation was given by the Department of Education as to the long delay in providing a hearing. Based on the evidence presented, the judge found that the charges were not proven. The Administrative Law Judge recommended that the Education Practice Commission dismiss the charges against the teacher. The final order in the case should come in October 2015.

Charges alleged minor offenses and should never have been brought, the teacher's attorneys claim. "The teacher and coach whose sports teams had won numerous championships and who sponsored award-winning extra curricular activities, should never have been charged," claims George F. Indest III, Managing Partner of The Health Law Firm. Although initially suspended by the county school board, that suspension was later voided and he was returned to his teaching duties. He completed another semester of teaching. "Why the Department of Education decided to spend all this time and money prosecuting these charges against him is a mystery to me," said Indest.
The teacher was charged with making statements to two students that offended them. He was also charged with using a minor vulgarity, the word "pissed" in a text message to a student. Overall, the administrative law judge found that the teacher's conduct was not of a nature that violated any regulations or policies.
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