Law Firm Wins Victory for Physician in Hospital Hearing

August 11, 2015

Orlando, Florida--The Health Law Firm, based in Central Florida, announced on Monday that it had received a decision from the Board of Directors of a large hospital finding 100% in favor of the physician in a medical staff peer review fair hearing.  The hearing, held over a period of five (5) days, in Northeast Florida, included the testimony of at least six expert witnesses, concerning questions about a surgeon's competence and skills.  Because of state and federal laws requiring anonymity, the firm's managing partner, George F. Indest III, said that names and other details could not be released.  "However, this was an action at a hospital that is owned by one of the biggest hospital chains in the nation" said Indest.

The case involved a review of 19 of the physician's surgeries that had been performed over a two (2) year period of time.  The hospital had obtained outside reviews critical of the physician's care.  The physician contested the findings and the law firm demanded a peer review hearing, similar to a trial, on the issues.  The case was heard by a panel of five physicians appointed by the hospital and a hearing officer to preside over the panel.

"Unfortunately" stated Carole Schriefer, R.N., J.D., one of the attorneys representing the physician at the hearing, "due in part to the physician's medical specialty, the experts required to support the doctor's testimony caused the physician to incur a lot of expense.  We are so glad the panel found in his favor."

"Physicians who are accused of misconduct, negligence or lack of skill by a hospital medical staff must take the matter seriously and obtain experienced legal counsel immediately, if they hope to successfully defend themselves, said Indest."

The fair hearing panel unanimously found in the physician's favor.  However, the decision was then forwarded to the Board of Trustees for the hospital for its final review.  The Board of Trustees adopted the physician panel's recommendations.

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