Health Law Attorney Serves On Legal Panel At The Florida Telehealth Summit

Orlando, Fla. - December 09, 2014 - Michael L. Smith, a senior attorney with The Health Law Firm, served as a member of the legal panel during the inaugural Florida Telehealth Summit on Friday, December 5, 2014. Mr. Smith was selected to discuss the legal considerations and potential repercussions of Telehealth.

Mr. Smith spoke on licensure requirements for telehealth practitioners as well as the scope of practice and general restrictions in this modern and evolving field of medicine. He provided an overview of Florida rules for telehealth and suggested policies and procedures health care professionals should take to protect themselves against legal liability. Mr Smith's presentation also covered sensitive topics to the health care field such as malpractice and patient privacy violations that correlate to the use of telehealth.

The Florida Telehealth Summit served as an opportunity for key telehealth stakeholders to host collaborative discussions regarding the growth and direction of the telehealth field. The presentations addressed the impact  of telehealth on Florida health care from a variety of industries and viewpoints.

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